System Role Properties (Management Studio)

Use the System Roles page to view the system role definitions that are currently defined for the report server. A system role definition contains a named collection of tasks that are performed relative to the entire site, instead of an individual item. Role definitions are assigned to a user or groups to create a resulting role assignment. The tasks in the role definition specify what the user or group can do.

Reporting Services has two predefined system role definitions: System Administrator and System User. You can modify these role definitions by changing the task list, or you can create a new system role that supports a different combination of tasks. Editing a role definition affects all role assignments that include the role definition.


System role assignments are used only on a report server that runs in native mode. If the report server is configured for SharePoint integration, this page is not available.


Specifies the name of the system role definition.

Shows a description of the system role definition. In SQL Server Management Studio, this description is only visible in this page. Users who view this item through Report Manager may see this description when browsing the folder hierarchy.

Lists all system-level tasks that can be selected for this role definition. You can add or remove items from the predefined task list to define how users access a given item through this role. You cannot create new tasks, and you cannot modify existing tasks.

Provides information about each task. You cannot modify task descriptions.

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