Extend the functionality of SQL Operations Studio (preview)

Extensions in SQL Operations Studio (preview) provide an easy way to add more functionality to the base SQL Operations Studio (preview) installation.

Extensions are provided by the SQL Operations Studio team (Microsoft), as well as the 3rd party community (you!). For details about creating extensions, see Get started with Extensibility.

Add SQL Operations Studio extensions

  1. To open the extensions manager and access the available extensions, select the extensions icon, or select Extensions in the View menu.
  2. Select an available extension to view it's details.

    extension manager

  3. Select the extension you want and Install it.

  4. Select Reload to enable the extension (only required the first time you install an extension).
  5. Navigate to your management dashboard by right-clicking your server or database and selecting Manage.
  6. Installed extensions appear as tabs on your management dashboard:

    extension manager