Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft SQL Operations Studio (preview)

This article provides the steps to quickly view, edit, and create keyboard shortcuts in SQL Operations Studio (preview).

Because SQL Operations Studio (preview) inherits its key binding functionality from Visual Studio Code, detailed information about advanced customizations, using different keyboard layouts, etc., is in the Key Bindings for Visual Studio Code article. Some keybinding features may not be available (for example, Keymap extensions are not supported in SQL Operations Studio (preview)).

Open the Keyboard Shortcuts editor

To view all currently defined keyboard shortcuts:

Open the Keyboard Shortcuts editor from the File menu: File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts (SQL Operations Studio (preview) > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac).

In addition to displaying current keybindings, the Keyboard Shortcuts editor lists the available commands that do not have keyboard shortcuts defined. The Keyboard Shortcuts editor enables you to easily change, remove, reset, and define new keybindings.

Edit existing keyboard shortcuts

To change the keybinding for an existing keyboard shortcut:

  1. Locate the keyboard shortcut you want to change by using the search box or scrolling through the list.


    Search by key, by command, by source, etc. to return all relevant keyboard shortcuts.

  2. Right-click the desired entry and select Change Keybinding

    edit keyboard shortcut

  3. Press the desired combination of keys, then press Enter to save it.

    save keyboard shortcut

Create new keyboard shortcuts

To create new keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Right-click a command that doesn't have any keybinding and select Add Keybinding.

    create keyboard shortcut

  2. Press the desired combination of keys, then press Enter to save it.