SQL Operations Studio (preview) release notes

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January 2018 (January Public Preview)

release date: January 17, 2018
version: 0.25.4

The January Public Preview includes some feature suggestions and high-priority bug fixes. This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Saved Server connections are available in the Connection Dialog.
  • Enable Hot exit. Hot exit is off by default, to enable see Hot exit setting.
  • Tab-coloring based on Server Group. Tab coloring is off by default, to enable see Tab color setting.
  • Change Server name to Server in the Connection Dialog.
  • Fix broken Run Current Query command.
  • Fix drag-and-drop breaking scripting bug.
  • Fix incorrect pinned Start Menu icon.
  • Fix missing Azure Account branding icon.

For more information, see the Change Log.

December 2017 (December Public Preview)

release date: December 19, 2017
version: 0.24.1

The December Public Preview includes several bugs fixes across all feature areas, as well as the following enhancements:

  • Create Firewall Rule Dialog is now available to assist connecting to Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.
  • Added Windows Setup, and Linux DEB and RPM installation packages.
  • Manage Dashboard visual layout editor.
  • Script As Alter and Script As Execute commands.
  • Run Current Query with Actual Plan command.
  • Integrate VS Code 1.18.1 editor platform.
  • Enable Sideloading of VSIX Extension files.
  • Support "GO N" batch iteration syntax.

November 2017

release date: November 15, 2017
version: 0.23.6

  • Initial release of SQL Operations Studio (preview).

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