SQL Server help and feedback

This article explains different ways to get assistance with your issue, or provide feedback for either SQL Server, or the SQL Server technical documentation.

Contact Microsoft Support

Customers with a support plan can open a ticket with Microsoft support. Review the support options for businesses for more information.

Ask community for help

If you're interested in engaging the vibrant SQL Server community for assistance, there are multiple options available.

Microsoft Q & A

You can also get help by searching and posting questions on Microsoft Q & A.


There are a few communities that can help you with your SQL Server issues.

Feedback suggestions

You can submit suggestions for improvement, as well as submit bugs for:

SQL Server documentation

The best way to reach the SQL Server content team is through Git Issues. You'll find an option to submit a Git Issue at the bottom of most of our pages:

Git Issue content feedback

If you have something else to share -- an idea, a suggestion, feedback, anything! -- you can open a general Git Issue by going to https://aka.ms/SQLDocsFeedback and selecting New Issues.

New Git Issue

Social media updates

There are a few social media outlets to get information about the latest SQL Server updates.

Updates via Twitter

The following Twitter accounts provide updates about SQL Server:


The following SQL Server blogs provide the latest information about SQL Server:

SQL Server license information

If you would like to download and review the license information for SQL Server, it can be found at Microsoft SQL Server Additional Software License Terms.

Contribute to SQL documentation

Did you know that you can edit SQL content yourself? If you do so, not only do you help improve our documentation, but you also get credited as a contributor to the page.

For more information, see How to contribute to SQL Server documentation