Creating the server connection files (AccessToSQL)

Server information can be specified either in the servers section of the script file. Server information can also be specified in a separate server connection file. The command line parameter for the server connection file is -c <serverconnectionfile>. If the same server id is present in both the script and server connection files, then the server definition in the script file is considered.

<!--Sample of server connection file commands -->  
<!--Connection to SQL Server-->  

<sql-server name="target_3">  


    <server value="$TargetServerName$"/>  

    <database value="$TargetDB$"/>  

    <user-id value="$TargetUserName$"/>  

    <password value="$TargetPassword$"/>  

    <encrypt value="true"/>  

    <trust-server-certificate value="true"/>  


<!--Connection to SQL Azure-->  

<sql-azure name="target_azure">  

  <server value="$TargetAzureServerName$"/>  

  <database value="$TargetAzureDB$"/>  

  <user-id value="$TargetAzureUserName$"/>  

  <password value="$TargetAzurePassword$"/>  


Server connection file validation

The user can easily validate his/her server connection file against the schema definition file ‘A2SSConsoleScriptServersSchema.xsd’ available in the ‘Schemas’ folder.

Next step

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