Creating Test Cases (OracleToSQL)

Use the Test Case Wizard to create a test. This wizard lets you create test cases by choosing tested and verified objects and by specifying the testing parameters.

Starting the Test Case Wizard

To start the Test Case Wizard click New Test Case... from the Tester menu.

When started, the wizard looks for schema SSMATESTER_ORACLE on the source Oracle server. It is the Tester extension schema used for storing auxiliary objects. If the Test Case Wizard cannot find SSMATESTER_ORACLE, it displays a dialog window that proposes to create the schema. (That situation usually happens during the first run of SSMA Tester.)

If you get the dialog window, click Yes to create SSMATESTER_ORACLE schema on the source server. Note that you must have Oracle privileges to create a new user and create objects in the schema of this user.

Overview of Creating Test Cases Using the Wizard

The process of creating a test case consists of five steps:

  1. Initializing Test Cases (OracleToSQL)

  2. Selecting and Configuring Objects to Test (OracleToSQL)

  3. Selecting and Configuring Affected Objects (OracleToSQL)

  4. Customizing Calls Order (OracleToSQL)

  5. Finishing Test Case Preparation (OracleToSQL)

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