Target Servers (Download Instructions Tab)

THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO: yesSQL ServeryesAzure SQL Database (Managed Instance only)noAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse


On Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, most, but not all SQL Server Agent features are currently supported. See Azure SQL Database Managed Instance T-SQL differences from SQL Server for details.

Use this page to display and update the download instructions for one or more target servers.


Target Server
Select the server to view or modify instructions for.

Select the job to view or modify instructions for.

Target Server
View the name of the server the download instructions apply to.

View the operation that the download instruction will perform.

Object Name
View the name of the object that will be affected by the download instruction.

Date Posted
View the local date and time that the instruction was posted.

Date Downloaded
View the local date and time that the target server downloaded the instruction. If an error occurred during download, an error is indicated.

Instruction download status
View the most recent status for the selected download instruction.

Delete the selected download instruction.

Clear the status of the selected download instruction.

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