Options (Designers - Table and Database Designers Page)

APPLIES TO: YesSQL Server YesAzure SQL Database YesAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL Data Warehouse) YesParallel Data Warehouse

Use this page to determine the default behavior of the designer. To access the settings, on the Tools menu, click Options, expand the Designers folder, and click Table Designer.

UI element list

Override connection string time-out value for table designer updates
Permits a new time-out value to be set for the actions of the table designer. This can be useful when the table designer affects a large table and requires extra time to complete the table modification.

Transaction time-out after
Sets a time-out value for the table designer.

Auto generate change scripts
Automatically creates a script to implement the changes defined in the table designer.

Warn on null primary keys
Provides a warning dialog box when a field that is selected for a primary key can contain null values.

Warn about difference detection
If you check this box, when you save the changes, a message box will list any conflicts between your changes and changes that were made by another user.

Warn about tables affected
Provides a warning dialog box that lists the tables to be affected by the action and prompts for confirmation.

Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation
Prevents a user from making changes that require re-creating the table. The following actions might require a table to be re-created:

  • Adding a new column to the middle of the table

  • Dropping a column

  • Changing column nullability

  • Changing the order of the columns

  • Changing the data type of a column

Default table view
Select the way you want to see tables in the designers:

  • Standard

    Shows the table header, all column names, data types, and the Allow Nulls setting.

  • Column Names

    Shows the column names.

  • Key

    Shows the table header and the primary key columns.

  • Name Only

    Shows only the table header with it's name.

  • Custom

    Allows you to choose which columns to view.

Launch add table dialog on new diagram
Automatically opens the Add Table dialog box when the designers open.