Properties Window F1 Help (Management Studio)

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions) YesAzure SQL Database YesAzure SQL Managed Instance yesAzure Synapse Analytics yesAnalytics Platform System (PDW)

Use the Properties window to view properties of selected elements. You can also use the Properties window to view file, project, and solution properties. The Properties window is available by clicking Properties Window on the View menu.

The Properties window displays different types of editing fields, depending on the needs of a particular property. Properties shown in gray are read-only.


Object name
Lists the currently selected object or objects. Only objects from the active editor or designer are visible.

Lists all properties and property values for the selected object, by category. You can collapse a category to reduce the number of visible properties. When you expand or collapse a category, you see a plus (+) or minus (-) to the left of the category name. Categories are listed alphabetically.

Alphabetically sorts all design-time properties and events for selected objects.

Displays the properties for an object.

Description pane
The description pane appears at the bottom of the Properties window and shows the property type and a short description of the property. You can turn the description of the property off and on using the Description command on the shortcut menu.

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