Save As

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Used to save an instance of the current item at a specified location in a specified file format. Click Save As on the File menu (where is the name of the current item), or press ALT+F, A in the Code Editor.

Central Panel

Save in
Locate the existing project folder from this drop-down menu. Selecting a folder from this list displays the contents of the folder in the primary pane below.

File name
Use this option to view the current file name, change the file name, or filter the files and folders that are displayed. To filter the files and folders that are displayed, enter a full or partial file name on which to filter. You can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard.


To display files on Web and network locations, enter a URL or network path in the File name box. For example, "http://mywebsite" displays the files available at the "mywebsite" Web location and "\\myserver\myshare" displays the files available at the "myshare" location on "myserver".

Save as type
Use this option to select a new file type for the selected item. The file types displayed include all available file types to which the selected item can be converted.

Advanced Save Options
To access the Advanced Save Options Dialog Box, select the small rectangle at the right of the Save button and then click Save with Encoding. Use this dialog box to specify an encoding for the file and the characters to use at Line endings.

Left Panel

Displays any files and folders located on the desktop.

My Projects
Displays files and folders at the My Projects or the most recently visited location.

My Computer
Displays the My Computer location on your computer.

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