Configure Editors (SQL Server Management Studio)

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions) YesAzure SQL Database YesAzure SQL Managed Instance yesAzure Synapse Analytics yesAnalytics Platform System (PDW)

You can customize the operation of the SQL Server Management Studio editors by configuring the options for each editor.

Setting Editor Options

Most of the editor options are set by using the Tools menu and selecting Options... to display an Options dialog. In the Options dialog, open the Text Editor node in the left pane to set code and text editing options. The nodes under Text Editor apply to specific editors:

  1. All Languages - options set using this node apply to all of the Management Studio editors. You can override these settings by using the other nodes to set different options for a specific editor.

  2. Plain Text - options set using this node apply to the MDX, DMX, and text editors.

  3. Transact-SQL - options set using this node apply to the Database Engine Query Editor.

  4. XML - options set using this node apply to the XML for Analysis editor.

Open the Query Execution or Query Results nodes to customize the execution of queries and how the results are displayed.

Editor Configuration Tasks

Task Description Topic
Describes how to specify that an editor be opened by double-clicking on a file with a specified extension in Windows Explorer. Associate File Extensions to a Code Editor
Describes how to customize fonts to make code and text more readable. Change Font Color, Size, and Style
Describes how to view properties. Use the Properties Window in Management Studio
Location of the F1 help pages for the editor options dialogs. Query Options Pages F1 Help