Tool Windows in SQL Server Management Studio

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SQL Server Management Studio provides many powerful tool windows for all phases of development and administration. Some tools can be used on any SQL Server component, and others are for certain components only. The following table identifies the tools that can be used for all components of SQL Server.

Tool Purpose
Object Explorer Browse servers, create and locate objects, manage data sources, and view logs. This tool is accessed from the View menu.
Solution Explorer Store and organize scripts and related connection information in projects called SQL Server Scripts. You can store several SQL Server Scripts as Solutions and use source control to manage scripts as they evolve over time. This tool is accessed from the View menu.
Template Explorer Create queries based on existing templates. You can also create your custom queries or alter the existing templates to fit your scenarios. This tool is accessed from the View menu.
Dynamic Help Show a list of related Help topics as you click on a component or type code.

The tools in SQL Server Management Studio work together. For example, you can:

  • Register a server with Object Explorer.

  • Open a SQL Editor window connected to a specific database from Object Explorer.

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