Point (geography Data Type)

APPLIES TO: YesSQL Server YesAzure SQL Database NoAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) NoParallel Data Warehouse

Constructs a geography instance representing a Point instance from its latitude and longitude values and a spatial reference ID (SRID).


Point ( Lat, Long, SRID )  


Is a float expression representing the y-coordinate of the Point being generated.

Is a float expression representing the x-coordinate of the Point being generated. For more information on valid latitude and longitude values, see Point.

Is an int expression representing the Spatial Reference Identifier of the geography instance you wish to return.


Arguments for the Point (geography Data Type) method have coordinates reversed compared to WKT.

Return Types

SQL Server return type: geography

CLR return type: SqlGeography


The following example uses Point() to create a geography instance.

DECLARE @g geography;   
SET @g = geography::Point(47.65100, -122.34900, 4326)  
SELECT @g.ToString();  

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