APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server (starting with 2008) noAzure SQL Database noAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Returns the status for the last transmission for one side of a conversation.

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GET_TRANSMISSION_STATUS ( conversation_handle )  


Is the conversation handle for the conversation. This parameter is of type uniqueidentifier.

Return Types



Returns a string describing the status of the last transmission attempt for the specified conversation. Returns an empty string if the last transmission attempt succeeded, if no transmission attempt has yet been made, or if the conversation_handle does not exist.

The information returned by this function is the same information displayed in the last_transmission_error column of the management view sys.transmission_queue. However, this function can be used to find the transmission status for conversations that do not currently have messages in the transmission queue.


GET_TRANSMISSION_STATUS does not provide information for messages that do not have a conversation endpoint in the current instance. That is, no information is available for messages to be forwarded.


The following example reports the transmission status for the conversation with the conversation handle 58ef1d2d-c405-42eb-a762-23ff320bddf0.

SELECT Status =  
    GET_TRANSMISSION_STATUS('58ef1d2d-c405-42eb-a762-23ff320bddf0') ;  

Here is a sample result set, edited for line length:

The Service Broker protocol transport is disabled or not configured.

In this case, SQL Server is not configured to allow Service Broker to communicate over the network.

See Also

sys.conversation_endpoints (Transact-SQL)
sys.transmission_queue (Transact-SQL)