Analysis Server Properties (Service Tab)

This service is the Microsoft Analysis Services. This service must be running for SSAS to work properly. The property values in light gray cannot be changed using this application.


Binary Path
Displays the location of the program files used by this service.

Error Control
1 indicates SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL. If the service fails to start during computer start up, the startup program logs the error and displays a pop-up message box but continues the startup operation. This value cannot be changed.

Exit Code
When an error occurs, the error number appears in this box. Use this number to troubleshoot failures by searching for the number in the Microsoft Knowledge Base or provide the number to your technical support staff.

Host Name
Displays the name of the computer or cluster running SSAS.

Indicates the display name of the service.

Process ID
Displays the number used by Microsoft Windows to keep track of this program's processes.

SQL Service Type
Displays the type of service provided to calling processes. Microsoft SQL Server installs several services.

Start Mode
Set this service to the following choices:

  • Manual: This service does not automatically start when the computer starts. You must start the service using SQL Server Configuration Manager, or some other tool.

  • Automatic: This service attempts to start when this computer starts.

  • Disabled: This service cannot be started.

    Indicates whether this service is running, stopped, or disabled.