File Element (DTA)

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Specifies the workload file. A workload is a set of Transact-SQL statements that execute against a database or databases that you want to tune. Workload files can be Transact-SQL scripts (.sql) or trace files (.trc). For more information, seeStart and Use the Database Engine Tuning Advisor.



Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description
Data type and length Use the string data type to specify the directory path to your workload file. For example:


Note that length limit is enforced by the server.
Default value None.
Occurrence Required once if no other type of workload is specified. You must specify an EventString, a File, or a Database child element for the Workload parent, but only one type can be used. For example, if you specify a workload with the File element, then you cannot also specify a workload with the Database element in the same XML input file.

Element Relationships

Relationship Elements
Parent element Workload Element (DTA)
Child elements None.


For a usage example of this element, see Simple XML Input File Sample (DTA).

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