SqlPackage.exe is a command-line utility that automates the following database development tasks:

  • Version: Returns the build number of the SqlPackage application. Added in version 18.6.

  • Extract: Creates a data-tier application (.dacpac) file containing the schema or schema and user data from a connected SQL database.

  • Publish: Incrementally updates a database schema to match the schema of a source .dacpac file. If the database does not exist on the server, the publish operation creates it. Otherwise, an existing database is updated.

  • Export: Exports a connected SQL database - including database schema and user data - to a BACPAC file (.bacpac).

  • Import: Imports the schema and table data from a BACPAC file into a new user database.

  • DeployReport: Creates an XML report of the changes that would be made by a publish action.

  • DriftReport: Creates an XML report of the changes that have been made to a registered database since it was last registered.

  • Script: Creates a Transact-SQL incremental update script that updates the schema of a target to match the schema of a source.

The SqlPackage.exe command line tool allows you to specify these actions along with action-specific parameters and properties.

Download the latest version. For details about the latest release, see the release notes.

Command-Line Syntax

SqlPackage.exe initiates the actions specified using the parameters, properties, and SQLCMD variables specified on the command line.

SqlPackage {parameters}{properties}{SQLCMD Variables}  

Usage examples

Generate a comparison between databases by using .dacpac files with a SQL script output

Start by creating a .dacpac file of your latest database changes:

sqlpackage.exe /TargetFile:"C:\sqlpackageoutput\output_current_version.dacpac" /Action:Extract /SourceServerName:"." /SourceDatabaseName:"Contoso.Database"

Create a .dacpac file of your database target (that has no changes):

sqlpackage.exe /TargetFile:"C:\sqlpackageoutput\output_target.dacpac" /Action:Extract /SourceServerName:"." /SourceDatabaseName:"Contoso.Database"

Create a SQL script that generates the differences of two .dacpac files:

sqlpackage.exe /Action:Script /SourceFile:"C:\sqlpackageoutput\output_current_version.dacpac" /TargetFile:"C:\sqlpackageoutput\output_target.dacpac" /TargetDatabaseName:"Contoso.Database" /OutputPath:"C:\sqlpackageoutput\output.sql"


Displays the sqlpackage version as a build number. Can be used in interactive prompts as well as in automated pipelines.

sqlpackage.exe /Version


You can display sqlpackage usage information by using /? or /help:True.

sqlpackage.exe /?

For parameter and property information specific to a particular action, use the help parameter in addition to that action's parameter.

sqlpackage.exe /Action:Publish /?

Exit codes

Commands that return the following exit codes:

  • 0 = success
  • non-zero = failure


Some parameters are shared between the SqlPackage actions. Below is a table summarizing the parameters, for more information click into the specific action pages.

Parameter Short Form Extract Publish Export Import DeployReport DriftReport Script
/AccessToken: /at x x x x x x x
/ClientId: /cid x
/DeployScriptPath: /dsp x x
/DeployReportPath: /drp x x
/Diagnostics: /d x x x x x x x
/DiagnosticsFile: /df x x x x x x x
/MaxParallelism: /mp x x x x x x x
/OutputPath: /op x x x
/OverwriteFiles: /of x x x x x x
/Profile: /pr x x x
/Properties: /p x x x x x x
/Quiet: /q x x x x x x x
/Secret: /secr x
/SourceConnectionString: /scs x x x x x
/SourceDatabaseName: /sdn x x x x x
/SourceEncryptConnection: /sec x x x x x
/SourceFile: /sf x x x x
/SourcePassword: /sp x x x x x
/SourceServerName: /ssn x x x x x
/SourceTimeout: /st x x x x x
/SourceTrustServerCertificate: /stsc x x x x x
/SourceUser: /su x x x x x
/TargetConnectionString: /tcs x x x x
/TargetDatabaseName: /tdn x x x x x
/TargetEncryptConnection: /tec x x x x x
/TargetFile: /tf x x x x
/TargetPassword: /tp x x x x x
/TargetServerName: /tsn x x x x x
/TargetTimeout: /tt x x x x x
/TargetTrustServerCertificate: /ttsc x x x x x
/TargetUser: /tu x x x x x
/TenantId: /tid x x x x x x x
/UniversalAuthentication: /ua x x x x x x x
/Variables: /v x x


Some properties are shared between the SqlPackage actions. Below is a table summarizing the properties, for more information click into the specific action pages.

Property Extract Publish Export Import DeployReport Script
AdditionalDeploymentContributorArguments=(STRING) x x x
AdditionalDeploymentContributors=(STRING) x x x
AdditionalDeploymentContributorPaths=(STRING) x x x
AllowDropBlockingAssemblies=(BOOLEAN) x x x
AllowIncompatiblePlatform=(BOOLEAN) x x x
AllowUnsafeRowLevelSecurityDataMovement=(BOOLEAN) x x x
AzureSharedAccessSignatureToken=(STRING) x
AzureStorageBlobEndpoint=(STRING) x x
AzureStorageContainer=(STRING) x x
AzureStorageKey=(STRING) x x
AzureStorageRootPath=(STRING) x x
BackupDatabaseBeforeChanges=(BOOLEAN) x x x
BlockOnPossibleDataLoss=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
BlockWhenDriftDetected=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
CommandTimeout=(INT32 '60') x x x x x x
CommentOutSetVarDeclarations=(BOOLEAN) x x x
CompareUsingTargetCollation=(BOOLEAN) x x x
CompressionOption=(ENUM 'Normal') x x
CreateNewDatabase=(BOOLEAN) x x x
DacApplicationDescription=(STRING) x
DacApplicationName=(STRING) x
DacMajorVersion=(INT32 '1') x
DacMinorVersion=(INT32 '0') x
DatabaseEdition=(ENUM 'Default') x x x x
DatabaseLockTimeout=(INT32 '60') x x x x x
DatabaseMaximumSize=(INT32) x x x x
DatabaseServiceObjective=(STRING) x x x x
DeployDatabaseInSingleUserMode=(BOOLEAN) x x x
DisableAndReenableDdlTriggers=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
DisableIndexesForDataPhase=(BOOLEAN 'True') x
DoNotAlterChangeDataCaptureObjects=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
DoNotAlterReplicatedObjects=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
DoNotDropObjectType=(STRING) x x x
DoNotDropObjectTypes=(STRING) x x x
DropConstraintsNotInSource=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
DropDmlTriggersNotInSource=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
DropExtendedPropertiesNotInSource=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
DropIndexesNotInSource=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
DropObjectsNotInSource=(BOOLEAN) x x x
DropPermissionsNotInSource=(BOOLEAN) x x x
DropRoleMembersNotInSource=(BOOLEAN) x x x
DropStatisticsNotInSource=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
ExcludeObjectType=(STRING) x x x
ExcludeObjectTypes=(STRING) x x x
ExtractAllTableData=(BOOLEAN) x
ExtractApplicationScopedObjectsOnly=(BOOLEAN 'True') x
ExtractReferencedServerScopedElements=(BOOLEAN 'True') x
ExtractUsageProperties=(BOOLEAN) x
GenerateSmartDefaults=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreAnsiNulls=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreAuthorizer=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreColumnCollation=(BOOLEAN) x x
IgnoreColumnOrder=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreComments=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreCryptographicProviderFilePath=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreDdlTriggerOrder=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreDdlTriggerState=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreDefaultSchema=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreDmlTriggerOrder=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreDmlTriggerState=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreExtendedProperties=(BOOLEAN) x x x x
IgnoreFileAndLogFilePath=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreFilegroupPlacement=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreFileSize=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreFillFactor=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreFullTextCatalogFilePath=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreIdentitySeed=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreIncrement=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreIndexOptions=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreIndexPadding=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreKeywordCasing=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreLockHintsOnIndexes=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreLoginSids=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreNotForReplication=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreObjectPlacementOnPartitionScheme=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnorePartitionSchemes=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnorePermissions=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x x
IgnoreQuotedIdentifiers=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreRoleMembership=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreRouteLifetime=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreSemicolonBetweenStatements=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreTableOptions=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreTablePartitionOptions=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreUserLoginMappings=(BOOLEAN) x
IgnoreUserSettingsObjects=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IgnoreWhitespace=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
IgnoreWithNocheckOnCheckConstraints=(BOOLEAN) x x
IgnoreWithNocheckOnForeignKeys=(BOOLEAN) x x
ImportContributorArguments=(STRING) x
ImportContributors=(STRING) x
ImportContributorPaths=(STRING) x
IncludeCompositeObjects=(BOOLEAN) x x x
IncludeTransactionalScripts=(BOOLEAN) x x x
LongRunningCommandTimeout=(INT32) x x x x x x
NoAlterStatementsToChangeClrTypes=(BOOLEAN) x x x
PopulateFilesOnFileGroups=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
RebuildIndexesOfflineForDataPhase=(BOOLEAN 'False') x
RegisterDataTierApplication=(BOOLEAN) x x x
RunDeploymentPlanExecutors=(BOOLEAN) x x x
ScriptDatabaseCollation=(BOOLEAN) x x x
ScriptDatabaseCompatibility=(BOOLEAN) x x x
ScriptDatabaseOptions=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
ScriptDeployStateChecks=(BOOLEAN) x x x
ScriptFileSize=(BOOLEAN) x x x
ScriptNewConstraintValidation=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
ScriptRefreshModule=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
Storage=({File|Memory}) x x x x x x
TableData=(STRING) x x
TargetEngineVersion=(ENUM 'Latest') x
TempDirectoryForTableData=(STRING) x x
TreatVerificationErrorsAsWarnings=(BOOLEAN) x x x
UnmodifiableObjectWarnings=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
VerifyCollationCompatibility=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
VerifyDeployment=(BOOLEAN 'True') x x x
VerifyExtraction=(BOOLEAN) x
VerifyFullTextDocumentTypesSupported=(BOOLEAN) x

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