Save and load assessments with Azure Synapse Pathway Preview

Applies to: yesAzure Synapse Analytics

The following step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to save and upload a data warehouse assessment from a file using Azure Synapse Pathway.

In this tutorial, you learn how to:

  • Save an assessment to a file
  • Load the assessment from a file


To complete this tutorial, make sure you've installed Azure Synapse Pathway See Azure Synapse Pathway overview to learn more about the tool.

Saving an assessment to a file

  1. Once you have run the translation, you should see the report summarizing the code translation Azure Synapse Pathway assessment report overview.

  2. Select the Save assessment button, specify the name of the file, and then select Save. Azure Synapse Pathway assessment.

  3. A .asmprj file is created at the specified destination.

Loading an assessment from a file

  1. To open the same assessment, select Load assessment and provide the .asmprj file name Azure Synapse Pathway browse to assessment location.

  2. The source, input, and output folders will be populated based on selected assessment. Azure Synapse Pathway assessment configuration showing translation type, input directory, and output directory.

  3. Select Translate to rerun the code translation again

Next steps