Task 4: Creating an SSIS Project using SQL Server Data Tools

In this task, you create an SSIS project by using SQL Server Data Tools to automate cleansing and matching supplier data.

  1. Launch SQL Server Data Tools. Click Start, point to All Programs, expand Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and click SQL Server Data Tools.

  2. On the File menu, point to New, and click Project.

  3. Expand Business Intelligence in the Installed Templates pane, and select Integration Services.

    Visual Studio - New Project Dialog Box

  4. Select Integration Services Project in the list of project types.

  5. Type CleanseAndCurateSuppliers for Name and click OK.

  6. In Solution Explorer window, right-click Package.dtsx and select Rename. If you don't see Solution Explorer window, click View on the menu bar and click Solution Explorer.

    Package.dtsx - Rename Menu

  7. Type CleanseAndCurate.dtsx and press ENTER. Make sure that the extension remains .dtsx.

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