Analytic Functions (Azure Stream Analytics)

Stream Analytics Query Language provides the following analytic functions:

ISFIRST (Azure Stream Analytics) LAG (Azure Stream Analytics) LAST (Azure Stream Analytics)
AnomalyDetection_SpikeAndDip AnomalyDetection_ChangePoint

Note that analytic functions in Stream Analytics query language, unlike in T-SQL, are evaluated first. In Stream Analytics query language:

  • Analytic functions can be used in any place in the query that a scalar function is allowed. For example, you can use analytic functions in WHERE clause, JOIN clause, or GROUP BY clause.
  • Analytic function computations are performed over all the input events of the current query input, optionally you can limit analytic function to only consider events that match the partition_by_clause and when_clause.
  • Analytic functions are not affected by predicates in WHERE clause, join conditions in JOIN clause, or grouping expressions in GROUP BY clause of the current query.

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