Collect (Azure Stream Analytics)

Returns an array with all record values from the window.


-- Aggregate Function Syntax
Collect ( [ <scalar_expression> ] )

-- Analytic Function Syntax
Collect ( [ <scalar_expression> ] ) OVER ([<PARTITION BY clause>] <LIMIT DURATION clause> [<WHEN clause>])


Collect takes an optional scalar expression that allows you to specify a projection over the collected events. Without the parameter, full event records are collected.

Return Types

Array of values projected by the <scalar_expression> parameter, or array of record values if no parameter is provided.

General Remarks

Ordering of the values within returned array is not guaranteed


Collect all input events within a 10 second window.

SELECT Collect() AS allEvents 
FROM Input 
GROUP BY Tumbling(second, 10) 

Collect the sums of the a and b fields of the input events within a 10 second window.

SELECT Collect(a + b) AS allab 
FROM Input 
GROUP BY Tumbling(second,10)