Live events across Microsoft 365 in Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Stream

Discover new ways to foster connection and engagement between leaders and employees at every level in your organization.

More than ever before, employees in the modern workplace seek work environments that unlock creativity, make their lives more productive and fulfilling, and foster a sense of connection with their organizations mission and purpose.

A critical first step for your organization to thrive in this new culture of work is to drive alignment of your people around shared purpose and goals. Leaders realize that organizations who do this well have an advantage in attracting and retaining an engaged workforce.

Microsoft 365 live events brings live video streaming to a new level, going beyond what was previously possible with Skype Meeting Broadcast. Live events in Microsoft 365 help to drive connection throughout the entire life cycle of engagement with attendees before, during, and after live events.

You can create a live event wherever your audience, team, or community resides, using Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams or Yammer. Attendees receive notifications and can participate in real time, with high-definition (HD) video and interactive discussion, using web, mobile, or desktop apps. For employees who are in different time zones or unable to attend live, the conversation keeps going so they still feel connected to leaders and peers, helping to overcome geographical or organizational boundaries.

After an event, it’s easy to make the recording available on an event page, so people can watch the event on their own schedule and catch up quickly with powerful AI features that unlock the content of the event recording. The recording is automatically transcribed and detects changes in speakers, making it simple to search for content later. The event and recordings are powered by Microsoft Stream, the intelligent video service in Office 365.


If the people you want to connect with in your organization are already in Yammer, you can create live events and have them show up directly in Yammer where the viewers can participate in live discussion while watching the event directly in Yammer. Learn more

Live event in Yammer

Microsoft Teams

If instead, you want your audience to view the event in Microsoft Teams, you can create the events so your viewers can join and watch from Microsoft Teams. Learn more

Live event in Yammer

Microsoft Stream

Finally, if you want your viewers to watch in Microsoft Stream instead of either of the above, you can do that too. Learn more

Live event in Yammer

Features breakdown by service and event type

Depending on which service you create the live event from and event type selected there will be a different set of features available as a producer and as a viewer of the live event. The following table represents those feature differences at this current time. In the future as we enhance live events across Microsoft 365 we'll strive as much as possible to make the same features available from all the services.

There are two production types supported by live events.

  • With Teams production type (formerly known as Quick Start), you use Microsoft Teams to share your webcam, screen-share or invite other presenters just like a regular meeting.

  • With the External app or device production type (formerly known as External Encoder), you connect a software or hardware encoder via RTMP(S).

Production setup Teams (started from Yammer) External app or device (started from Yammer) Teams (started from Teams) External app or device (started from Teams) External app or device (started from Stream)
Play in Yammer No Yes No No No
Play in Teams Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Play in Stream No Yes No Yes Yes
Yammer conversation Yes Yes No No No
Link in Yammer to play in Teams Yes No No No No
RTMP(S) ingest No Yes No Yes Yes
Teams client as video producer Yes No Yes No No
Moderated Q&A No No Yes Yes (in Teams only) No
Automatic live to VOD transition No Yes No Yes Yes
Download recording by owner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Viewer attendee report Yes No Yes No No
External public anonymous viewers No No Yes No No
Automatic real time closed captions No No No No No
708 pass through closed captions from stenographer No Yes No Yes Yes
Embeddable live event player No Yes No Yes Yes
Spotlight live event in Stream No Yes No Yes Yes

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