Manage deleted users in Microsoft Stream

As a Microsoft Stream admin, you can manage deleted users in Stream for your organization. When a user is permanently deleted from Azure Active Directory, the user’s profile information will continue to appear next to all videos, channels, groups, and comments that have been uploaded or created by the user. If desired, a Stream admin can replace the user’s name with a fictitious name or remove the name entirely.

After the user name of a deleted user is removed from Stream, any videos, channels, and comments created by that user are moved to a “general bucket” and can't be reassigned. This is a permanent operation and can't be undone.

Stream GDPR


This article provides steps for how to delete personal data from the device or service and can be used to support your obligations under the GDPR. If you’re looking for general info about GDPR, see the GDPR section of the Service Trust portal.

  1. In Stream, go to Settings Settings icon > Admin settings

    Settings menu to get to stream admin

  2. In the Data Privacy section, go to Manage deleted users.

    • Search for users who have been permanently deleted in Azure Active Directory.

      Stream GDPR

    • Change or remove the deleted user's name in Stream.

  3. Save your changes. This will delete the user’s email address from Stream.

    Stream GDPR