Office 365 Video migration timing setting

The transition from Office 365 Video to Microsoft Stream will be a phased approach. When we enter Phase 2 (opt-out/delay) for your region you'll have a window of time in which you can opt-out of the automatic migration and migrate to Stream on your own schedule up until the retirement date of O365 Video. Your O365 admin will need to change this migration timing setting to delay the automatic migrations that will happen as part of Phase 2.

For more information see the migration timelines and phases.

Change the migration timing

Office 365 Video administrators can control the timing of when their organization is migrated to Microsoft Stream by changing the migration timing setting.

  1. As a global or O365 Video admin go to the O365 Video portal

  2. Click Portal Settings on the O365 Video app bar

  3. Select the Migration tab

  4. Change the migration timing setting to one of the following:

    • Automatically migrate my content to Stream as soon as possible. - This is the default setting. It means that your tenant will be migrated to Stream shortly after Phase 2 begins.

    • Don't migrate my content. Instead, delete my content when Office 365 Video is retired. - This setting should only be used if you don't need any of the content in O365 Video. If this setting is selected we will not migrate your content to Microsft Stream. Instead when O365 Video is retired we will delete all your videos and channels in O365 Video.

    • Delay my migration to Microsoft Stream as long as possible. Migrate my content before Office 365 Video is retired. - This setting allows you to opt-out of Phase 2 automatic migrations. If you aren't ready to move to Stream at this time you should select this option. With this option selected you will be able to migrate on your own schedule. The self-service migration will always be availble to you to run up until the point we start automatic migrations as part of Phase 3 when we reach the retirement date.

Migration timing setting in O365 Video admin

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