Invite coworkers

When you invite your coworkers to Microsoft Stream, you enable them to not only view already uploaded videos but also upload and share their own. Inviting your coworkers will help grow your library of videos and can increase productivity through cross-team and cross-organization collaboration. This article shows you how to invite your coworkers to Microsoft Stream.


Before continuing with this tutorial, you must be signed in to Microsoft Stream. For information on how to sign up, see Sign up & Day 0 experience.

Invite your coworkers

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Stream.
  2. Select the "invite" button on the top right corner of the Microsoft Stream navigation bar.

  3. Search for the people or groups you would like to invite to Microsoft Stream

    If your organization uses Azure Active directory, you will be able to search for co-workers using their names. Otherwise, you can directly add an email address belonging to the same email domain as yourself.

  4. Select invite and Microsoft Stream will send an email invitation to those listed, but not already signed up for Microsoft Stream. Once they sign up and join, they can begin watching and uploading their own videos.

Next steps

Feel free to start sharing videos with your coworkers inside your company, even if they haven't signed up yet - they will get a chance to sign up from your share link. For more information, see share a video to learn how to share videos with your coworkers.

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