Recover your deleted videos from the recycle bin

When videos are deleted in Microsoft Stream they go into a 30 day recycle bin.

The video recycle bin allows you to restore videos if they were accidently deleted or to permanently delete videos already in the recycle bin before the 30 day limit. If no action is taken 30 days after videos are deleted they will automatically be purged from the recycle bin and permanently deleted.

When viewing your recycle bin you will see all videos that you are an owner of, even if you didn't delete the video.

  1. To get to your recycle bin, go to My content > Recycle bin.

    My content - recycle bin menu item

    My content - recycle bin list

  2. Click the Restore icon restore icon to restore a video and undelete it.

    When a video is restored from the recycle bin its permissions, links to groups, and channels, and information about the video will be restored as well.

  3. Or click the Delete icon restore icon to remove the video from the recycle bin and permanently delete it.

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