Watch videos on Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream makes it easy for employees at organizations of all sizes to watch, upload, share, and discover videos within their organization from a single and secure portal.

Watch on your PC, Mac, or mobile device

It's easy to watch great quality videos from Microsoft Stream on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Navigate to a video by selecting the a video thumbnail from your home page or from the search/browse page and the video will begin playing automatically in your browser window.


You can control your playback experience by toggling the captions on or off, changing the playback speed, or switching between regular mode and theater mode.

Some videos may have forms or quizzes embedded in them - just enter your answers and when you're done, click Continue to video.

Stream video showing a form

Turn captions on or off

If a video has captions, you can turn them on or off during playback.

  1. Click the video that you want to play.

  2. Click the CC icon to turn captions on or off.

    Turn CC on or off

Configure captions and subtitles

  1. Click the video that you want to play.

  2. Click the Settings icon Settings icon and select Subtitles/CC Options.

    Customize CC

Supported Browsers and Platforms

Stream is available to use on Microsoft Edge and up to date versions of Chrome and Safari. The following table shows the supported versions.

Browser OS
EdgeWindows 10
IE 11 Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7 (Requires Flash
Chrome (latest) Windows 10
Android (latest)
Mac OS (latest)
Safari (latest)Mac OS (latest)
iOS (latest)

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