Quotas and Limitations

This topic describes quotas and limitations associated with Microsoft Stream for both Paid and Trial plans.

Tenant Limits

Operation Tenant Limits
Total Videos 100,000
Total Channels 10,000
Concurrent active live events in pre-live or live state* limits apply

*limits are during preview and subject to change

Group Limits

Operation Group Limits
Channels per Office Group 1,000

Channel limits

Operation Channel Limits
Users/AD security groups assigned per channel 50
Videos per channel 10,000

Video limits

Operation Video Limits
Users/AD security groups assigned per video 1,000
Subtitle/captions tracks per video 20
Thumbnails total per video 5
Comments per video 2,500

File Size limits

Entity Size Limits
Max Video File 50 GB
Max Thumbnail size per file 4 MB
Max Text Track / Subtitle size 2 MB

User limits

Entity Size Limits
Uploaded videos per user 5,000
Channels created per user 1000
Total Comments 50,000

Trial Plans

Learn about the Trial plan licensing and quotas here.

Audio limits

  • Microsoft Stream does not support audio-only uploads.

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