Microsoft Stream service updates and health

Feature updates

Significant feature updates and changes to Microsoft Stream are posted to the Office 365 admin messsage center. Each post gives Office 365 admins a high-level overview of a planned change and how it may affect your users, and links out to more detailed information to help you prepare.

All updates to Microsoft Stream for new features and significant fixes will be listed on the help docs:

In addition new features are often announced and discussed in the Microsoft Stream blog:

Service health

In the event of a service incident or advisory to Microsoft Stream, information will be posted to the Microsoft Stream forum in the Microsoft Stream Service Updates section:

In the future Microsoft Stream will be integrated with the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard, but before then we'll post service updates in the forum.

Definition of terms used in service updates


  • Incident - A critical issue with the service itself or a major function of the service is unavailable. Incidents will have noticeable impact to users.

  • Advisory - A problem that is affecting some users, but the service is still available. In an advisory, there is often a workaround to the problem and the problem may be intermittent or is limited in scope and user impact.


  • Investigating - We're aware of a potential issue and are gathering more information about what's going on and the scope of impact.

  • Service degradation - We've confirmed that there is an issue that may affect use of a service or feature. You might see this status if a service is performing more slowly than usual, there are intermittent interruptions, or if a feature isn't working, etc.

  • Service interruption - You'll see this status if we determine that an issue affects the ability for users to access the service. In this case, the issue is significant and can be reproduced consistently.

  • Restoring service - The cause of the issue has been identified, we know what corrective action to take, and are in the process of bringing the service back to a healthy state.

  • Extended recovery - This status indicates that corrective action is in progress to restore service to most users but will take some time to reach all the affected systems. You might also see this status if we've made a temporary fix to reduce impact while we wait to apply a permanent fix.

  • Service restored - We've confirmed that corrective action has resolved the underlying problem and the service has been restored to a healthy state. To find out what went wrong, view the issue details.

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