Intro to Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub is an all-in-one productivity device that is intended for brainstorming, collaboration, and presentations. In order to get the maximum benefit from Surface Hub, your organization’s infrastructure and the Surface Hub itself must be properly set up and integrated. This guide describes what needs to be done both before and during setup in order to help you optimize your use of the device.

You’ll need to understand how each of these services interacts with Surface Hub. See Prepare your environment for Surface Hub for details.

Surface Hub setup process

In some ways, adding your new Surface Hub is just like adding any other Microsoft Windows-based device to your network. However, in order to get your Surface Hub up and running at its full capacity, there are some very specific requirements. Here are the next topics you'll need:

  1. Prepare your environment for Surface Hub
  2. Physically install your Surface Hub device
  3. Run the Surface Hub first-run setup program (OOBE)