What's new in Windows 10, version 1703 for Microsoft Surface Hub?

Watch Surface Hub engineer Jordan Marchese present updates to Microsoft Surface Hub with Windows 10, version 1703 (Creators Update).

Link to Surface Hub video on Youtube

Windows 10, version 1703 (also called the Creators Update), introduces the following changes for Microsoft Surface Hub.

New settings

Settings have been added to mobile device management (MDM) and configuration service providers (CSPs) to expand the Surface Hub management capabilities. New settings include:

  • InBoxApps/SkypeForBusiness/DomainName
  • InBoxApps/Connect/AutoLaunch
  • Properties/DefaultVolume
  • Properties/ScreenTimeout
  • Properties/SessionTimeout
  • Properties/SleepTimeout
  • Properties/AllowSessionResume
  • Properties/AllowAutoProxyAuth
  • Properties/DisableSigninSuggestions
  • Properties/DoNotShowMyMeetingsAndFiles
  • System/AllowStorageCard

Plus settings based on the new NetworkQoSPolicy CSP and NetworkProxy CSP.

Provisioning wizard

An easy-to-use wizard helps you quickly create provisioning packages that you can apply to multiple Surface Hub devices, and includes bulk join to Azure Active Directory. Learn how to create a provisioning package for Surface Hub.

steps in the provision Surface Hub devices wizard

Miracast on your existing wireless network or LAN

Microsoft has extended the ability to send a Miracast stream over a local network rather than over a direct wireless link.

Cloud recovery

When you reset a Surface Hub device, you now have the ability to download and install a factory build of the operating system from the cloud. Learn more about cloud recovery.


Cloud recovery doesn't work if you use proxy servers.


End session

I'm done is now End session. Learn how to use End session.

end session