Deploy Surface devices

Get deployment guidance for your Surface devices including information about Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), out-of-box-experience (OOBE) customization, Ethernet adaptors, Surface Deployment Accelerator, and the Battery Limit setting.

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Topic Description
Windows Autopilot and Surface devices Find out how to remotely deploy and configure devices with Windows Autopilot.
Surface device compatibility with Windows 10 Long-Term Servicing Channel Find out about compatibility and limitations of Surface devices running Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC edition.
Deploy Windows 10 to Surface devices with MDT Walk through the recommended process of how to deploy Windows 10 to your Surface devices with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.
Upgrade Surface devices to Windows 10 with MDT Find out how to perform a Windows 10 upgrade deployment to your Surface devices.
Customize the OOBE for Surface deployments Walk through the process of customizing the Surface out-of-box experience for end users in your organization.
Ethernet adapters and Surface deployment Get guidance and answers to help you perform a network deployment to Surface devices.
Surface Deployment Accelerator See how Microsoft Surface Deployment Accelerator provides a quick and simple deployment mechanism for organizations to reimage Surface devices.
Battery Limit setting Learn how to use Battery Limit, a UEFI setting that changes how the Surface device battery is charged and may prolong its longevity.

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