Using My Workspace in the Web console

With System Center Operations Manager version 1801 and higher, in the new HTML5 Web console you can customize how you view monitoring data for your specific needs differently than previous versions of Operations Manager.

Using My Workspace allows you to create folders to organize dashboards, add existing views and dashboards from the Monitoring workspace, and create custom dashboards only visible to you in the Web console.

Add views and dashboards

From the Monitoring workspace, you can add shortcuts to any existing view or dashboard in the Monitoring workspace.

  1. In the Monitoring workspace, select a view or dashboard, right-click, and then click Add to My Workspace.

  2. Specify a name for the view/dashboard to personalize it for your needs in the Name field.

  3. Specify an existing folder or create a new one by clicking on New Folder and specifying a folder name, and then click OK to save the new folder. Select the new folder where you want the view or dashboard to appear and then click OK.

When you go to My Workspace, you will see the view or dashboard that you added listed in the navigation pane.

Create dashboards

Dashboards that you create in My Workspace are unique, they are not shortcuts to existing dashboards. As an operator, you can create dashboards in Operations Manager version 1807 or later Web console, in My Workspace.


The steps to create a dashboard and add a web part are similar to how you create one in the Monitoring workspace, with one difference - you are not prompted to specify a management pack to save it to. Instead you are prompted to specify an existing folder or create a new one in your workspace.

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