System Center Operations Manager 1807 Release Notes

The following release notes apply to System Center Operations Manager 1807. For more information about version 1807 and what issues are addressed, see KB4133779.

Log rotation for Linux agent

Description: Under certain scenarios, the SCX logs fill up frequently, which eventually consumes all available free space on the system disk. As a result, the system becomes unresponsive unless the logs are cleaned up manually. To address this issue, we have introduced a logrotate feature for SCX agent. This will help you rotate old logs and save disk space.

Prerequisite: Logrotate is located in /usr/sbin/logrotate by default on Linux platforms.

Workaround: During scxagent installation we push the following logrotate conf file to /etc/logroate.d location.

rotate 5
size 50M
/usr/sbin/scxadmin -log-rotate

You can change the default values to support your requirements. The default configured values will rotate the scx.log file if scx.log file size reaches 50 MB. We have included one cron config file at /etc/cron.d location. With this configuration, the logrotate process executes every four hours. To customize the configuration, you need to modify these two files. Review the man page for cron and logrotate for further details.


If SELinux is already installed, SCX installer pushes a SELinux module that will enable logrotate. For scenarios where SElinux is enabled after agent installation, you have to import SELinux module for logrotate to work.

Support for SQL Server 2017

Description: With version 1807, SQL Server 2017 is supported only if it is upgraded from SQL Server 2016. A fresh installation of SQL Server 2017 with version 1807 is not supported. If you already have version 1801 deployed with SQL Server 2016, you need to apply Operations Manager version 1807 before performing an upgrade to SQL Server 2017.

Workaround: Before upgrading to SQL Server 2017, review the following article about the upgrade process - Upgrade Operations Manager 1807 databases to SQL Server 2017.

Supportability with Internet Explorer Compatibility View

Description: The HTML5 Web console does not support Internet Explorer Compatibility View.

Workaround: None

Support for Operations Manager and Service Manager console coexistence

Description: With System Center version 1801, installing the Service Manager console on a Operations Manager management server wasn't supported. This would cause the SDK service to prematurely stop.

Workaround: To co-locate the Operations Manager and Service Manager console on the same computer, they must be running version 1807.

Upgrade to Operations Manager version 1807

To understand the requirements and steps to successfully upgrade your Operations Manager version 1801 management group to version 1807, review How to upgrade to Operations Manager version 1807.

OpenSSL 1.1.0 version support

Description: On Linux platforms, OpenSSL 0.9.8 support is dropped.

Workaround: We have added support for OpenSSL 1.1.0.