BizTalk Server EDI/AS2 runtime configuration fails with the error: DTS package BAM_DM_InterchangeStatusActivity already exists

This article describes how the BizTalk Server EDI/AS2 runtime configuration can fail with the error "DTS package BAM_DM_InterchangeStatusActivity already exists."

Original product version:   BizTalk Server 2009, 2010, 2013, 2013 R2
Original KB number:   2269514


Consider the following scenario:

You install and configure a BizTalk Server group. You install BizTalk Server on a second server. In the Configuration Wizard, you create a new BizTalk Server group by using the same SQL Server instance with unique database names. The EDI/AS2 runtime configuration fails, and you see any of the following messages:

Failed to configure EDI/AS2 Status Reporting functionalities.
Failed to deploy BAM activity definitions. Please make sure that all BAM related Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages are removed along with the BAM databases.
Failed to execute process:drive :\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009\Tracking\bm.exe.
ERROR: The BAM deployment failed. DTS package BAM_DM_InterchangeStatusActivity already exists on server <SQL Server Name>.


The Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Data Transformation Services (DTS) package names in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) don't contain information specific to a BizTalk Server group. This creates a conflict when you're configuring more than one BizTalk Server group against the same SQL Server instance.


To resolve this problem, you can rename the existing packages that begin with BAM_DM_ and then configure the EDI/AS2 runtime.

The SSIS package names for BAM in EDI/AS2 begin with BAM_DM_. You can manually rename these packages in SQL Server Integration Services. For example, you can rename the BAM_DM_AS2InterchangeActivity SSIS package to BizTalkGroup_BAM_DM_AS2InterchangeActivity. Then configure the EDI/AS2 runtime.


Renaming these BAM_DM_ SSIS packages will not affect the EDI/AS2 runtime.