Citrix Virtual Memory Optimization Service can lead to .NET application corruption

This article helps you resolve the problem where having .NET Framework applications running along with the Citrix Virtual Memory Optimization Service can lead to memory corruption in the managed process.

Original product version:   .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
Original KB number:   2480607


Various application errors, including access violations or failure to load assemblies, can occur in your process that loads managed code. In the System Event log you will see as following error message with the error number 80131506:

Fatal Execution Engine Exception.


In rare cases, it is possible for the Citrix Virtual Memory Optimization Service to interact with managed processes and cause process corruption. It leads to the Fatal Execution Engine error and the process is terminated.


Disabling the Virtual Memory Optimization Service resolves the error.


Re-running the Native Image Generator (NGen.exe) on the affected machines resolves the issue as well. Run NGen update /force from a .NET framework or Visual Studio command prompt to update all native images.

NGen update /force

Other customers have reported that Citrix can assist with setting exclusion policies for the service to avoid the problem-managed process.