AVIcode agent installation fails with error: 1324 Error The Path contains an invalid character

This article helps you fix an issue in which you can't install the AVIcode agent because of an invalid character in the user profile.

Original product version:   AVIcode, Inc.
Original KB number:   2625330


The installation (setup) of the AVIcode agent on a computer fails with the following error:

"1324 Error." The Path "My Documents" contains an invalid character.


It's caused by an invalid character in the user profile. For example, this error could occur if the Windows Registry entry for My Documents is pointing to an invalid location (for example drive D and there's no drive D).


To resolve this issue, verify the My Document location for the user profile isn't redirected to a location that's not available. Group Policy can cause My Document redirections if configured by network administrator. If the My Document folder is pointing to a location that isn't accessible, reconfigure the system so that the My Document location information in the registry points to a local folder, then sign out from system, sign back in, and begin the install process again. Once the location is valid, it should continue as expected.