Rockwell Extra Bold font family

Rockwell is a distinctive version of a geometric slab serif design, which has retained its popularity since its appearance in the 1930's. The slab serifs, or Egyptians, originated in the nineteenth century when they were used principally for display work. Rockwell is notable for its judiciously clipped slab serifs, and is given a particular sparkle by means of its angular terminals. In more recent years this style of typeface has been increasingly used for text setting where their even colour and visual impact can be fully exploited.

Rockwell Extra Bold

Rockwell Extra Bold

Versions 1.65
File name rockeb.ttf
Authors Monotype Type Drawing Office
Copyright Design and data by The Monotype Corporation. © 1993. Portions copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Trademark Rockwell? is a registered trademark of The Monotype Corporation.
Font vendor Agfa Monotype Corporation
Unicode ranges
Code pages 1252 Latin 1
Mac Roman Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)
Number of glyphs
Symbol encoded False
Fixed pitch False

Licensing info

Products that supply this font

Product name Font version
Access 97 SR2 1.50
FrontPage 98 1.00
Greetings 99 1.60
Home Publishing 99 1.60
Office 2000 Premium 1.60
Office 2007 1.65
Office 2007 Professional Edition 1.65
Office 2010 1.00
Office 97 Small Business Edition SR2 1.60
Office 97 SR1a 1.50
Office Professional Edition 2003 1.65
PhotoDraw 2000 1.60
Picture It! 2000 1.65
Picture It! 2002 1.65
Picture It! 98 1.60
Publisher 2000 1.60
Publisher 2007 1.65
Publisher 97 1.50
Publisher 98 1.60
Works 2002 1.65
Works 9 1.65