Proposed OpenType features (OpenType 1.4)


Proposals for new features are posted here for review. If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding any of the proposals listed please post them to the OpenType discussion mailing list.

Proposing new features

Microsoft and Adobe welcome nominations for new features and feature tags. To qualify for registration, a feature must have a single function that is clearly identified by its tag. The function of the feature should be defined at the lowest useful level and must be distinctly different from the functions of currently registered features. When font developers register feature tags and functions with Microsoft, they do not have to supply implementation details.

To submit a proposal, please contact us. See the current registered features for example wording.

  • Tag
  • Friendly name
  • Registered by
  • Status
  • Function
  • Example
  • Recommended implementation
  • Application interface
  • UI suggestion
  • Script/language sensitivity
  • Feature interaction

Providing the proposal raises no serious concerns, we will post it here for review. After a further period of review, the status of the proposal will be updated to indicate if the proposed feature has been accepted or rejected. Accepted proposals will be added to the OpenType registered features list when the OpenType specification is next updated.