WGL4 character set U+017F to U+1EF3

Unicode PostScript Name Descriptive Name MacChar MacIndex
U+017f longs latin small letter long s
U+0192 florin latin small letter script f,florin sign 0xc4 166
U+01fa Aringacute latin capital letter a with ring above and acute
U+01fb aringacute latin small letter a with ring above and acute
U+01fc AEacute latin capital ligature ae with acute
U+01fd aeacute latin small ligature ae with acute
U+01fe Oslashacute latin capital letter o with stroke and acute
U+01ff oslashacute latin small letter o with stroke and acute
U+02c6 circumflex nonspacing circumflex accent 0xf6 216
U+02c7 caron modifier letter hacek 0xff 225
U+02c9 macron* modifier letter macron
U+02d8 breve breve 0xf9 219
U+02d9 dotaccent dot above 0xfa 220
U+02da ring ring above 0xfb 221
U+02db ogonek ogonek 0xfe 224
U+02dc tilde nonspacing tilde
U+02dd hungarumlaut modifier letter double prime 0xfd 223
U+0384 tonos greek tonos
U+0385 dieresistonos greek dialytika tonos
U+0386 Alphatonos greek capital letter alpha with tonos
U+0387 anoteleia greek ano teleia
U+0388 Epsilontonos greek capital letter epsilon with tonos
U+0389 Etatonos greek capital letter eta with tonos
U+038a Iotatonos greek capital letter iota with tonos
U+038c Omicrontonos greek capital letter omicron with tonos
U+038e Upsilontonos greek capital letter upsilon with tonos
U+038f Omegatonos greek capital letter omega with tonos
U+0390 iotadieresistonos greek small letter iota with dialytika and tonos
U+0391 Alpha greek capital letter alpha
U+0392 Beta greek capital letter beta
U+0393 Gamma greek capital letter gamma
U+0394 Delta* greek capital letter delta
U+0395 Epsilon greek capital letter epsilon
U+0396 Zeta greek capital letter zeta
U+0397 Eta greek capital letter eta
U+0398 Theta greek capital letter theta
U+0399 Iota greek capital letter iota
U+039a Kappa greek capital letter kappa
U+039b Lambda greek capital letter lamda
U+039c Mu greek capital letter mu
U+039d Nu greek capital letter nu
U+039e Xi greek capital letter xi
U+039f Omicron greek capital letter omicron
U+03a0 Pi greek capital letter pi
U+03a1 Rho greek capital letter rho
U+03a3 Sigma greek capital letter sigma
U+03a4 Tau greek capital letter tau
U+03a5 Upsilon greek capital letter upsilon
U+03a6 Phi greek capital letter phi
U+03a7 Chi greek capital letter chi
U+03a8 Psi greek capital letter psi
U+03a9 Omega* greek capital letter omega
U+03aa Iotadieresis greek capital letter iota with dialytika
U+03ab Upsilondieresis greek capital letter upsilon with dialytika
U+03ac alphatonos greek small letter alpha with tonos
U+03ad epsilontonos greek small letter epsilon with tonos
U+03ae etatonos greek small letter eta with tonos
U+03af iotatonos greek small letter iota with tonos
U+03b0 upsilondieresistonos greek small letter upsilon with dialytika and tonos
U+03b1 alpha greek small letter alpha
U+03b2 beta greek small letter beta
U+03b3 gamma greek small letter gamma
U+03b4 delta greek small letter delta
U+03b5 epsilon greek small letter epsilon
U+03b6 zeta greek small letter zeta
U+03b7 eta greek small letter eta
U+03b8 theta greek small letter theta
U+03b9 iota greek small letter iota
U+03ba kappa greek small letter kappa
U+03bb lambda greek small letter lamda
U+03bc mu* greek small letter mu
U+03bd nu greek small letter nu
U+03be xi greek small letter xi
U+03bf omicron greek small letter omicron
U+03c0 pi greek small letter pi 0xb9 155
U+03c1 rho greek small letter rho
U+03c2 sigma1 greek small letter final sigma
U+03c3 sigma greek small letter sigma
U+03c4 tau greek small letter tau
U+03c5 upsilon greek small letter upsilon
U+03c6 phi greek small letter phi
U+03c7 chi greek small letter chi
U+03c8 psi greek small letter psi
U+03c9 omega greek small letter omega
U+03ca iotadieresis greek small letter iota with dialytika
U+03cb upsilondieresis greek small letter upsilon with dialytika
U+03cc omicrontonos greek small letter omicron with tonos
U+03cd upsilontonos greek small letter upsilon with tonos
U+03ce omegatonos greek small letter omega with tonos
U+0400 uni0400 cyrillic capital letter ie with grave
U+0401 afii10023 cyrillic capital letter io
U+0402 afii10051 cyrillic capital letter dje
U+0403 afii10052 cyrillic capital letter gje
U+0404 afii10053 cyrillic capital letter ukrainian ie
U+0405 afii10054 cyrillic capital letter dze
U+0406 afii10055 cyrillic capital letter byelorussian-ukrainian i
U+0407 afii10056 cyrillic capital letter yi
U+0408 afii10057 cyrillic capital letter je
U+0409 afii10058 cyrillic capital letter lje
U+040a afii10059 cyrillic capital letter nje
U+040b afii10060 cyrillic capital letter tshe
U+040c afii10061 cyrillic capital letter kje
U+040D uni040D cyrillic capital letter i with grave
U+040e afii10062 cyrillic capital letter short u
U+040f afii10145 cyrillic capital letter dzhe
U+0410 afii10017 cyrillic capital letter a
U+0411 afii10018 cyrillic capital letter be
U+0412 afii10019 cyrillic capital letter ve
U+0413 afii10020 cyrillic capital letter ghe
U+0414 afii10021 cyrillic capital letter de
U+0415 afii10022 cyrillic capital letter ie
U+0416 afii10024 cyrillic capital letter zhe
U+0417 afii10025 cyrillic capital letter ze
U+0418 afii10026 cyrillic capital letter i
U+0419 afii10027 cyrillic capital letter short i
U+041a afii10028 cyrillic capital letter ka
U+041b afii10029 cyrillic capital letter el
U+041c afii10030 cyrillic capital letter em
U+041d afii10031 cyrillic capital letter en
U+041e afii10032 cyrillic capital letter o
U+041f afii10033 cyrillic capital letter pe
U+0420 afii10034 cyrillic capital letter er
U+0421 afii10035 cyrillic capital letter es
U+0422 afii10036 cyrillic capital letter te
U+0423 afii10037 cyrillic capital letter u
U+0424 afii10038 cyrillic capital letter ef
U+0425 afii10039 cyrillic capital letter ha
U+0426 afii10040 cyrillic capital letter tse
U+0427 afii10041 cyrillic capital letter che
U+0428 afii10042 cyrillic capital letter sha
U+0429 afii10043 cyrillic capital letter shcha
U+042a afii10044 cyrillic capital letter hard sign
U+042b afii10045 cyrillic capital letter yeru
U+042c afii10046 cyrillic capital letter soft sign
U+042d afii10047 cyrillic capital letter e
U+042e afii10048 cyrillic capital letter yu
U+042f afii10049 cyrillic capital letter ya
U+0430 afii10065 cyrillic small letter a
U+0431 afii10066 cyrillic small letter be
U+0432 afii10067 cyrillic small letter ve
U+0433 afii10068 cyrillic small letter ghe
U+0434 afii10069 cyrillic small letter de
U+0435 afii10070 cyrillic small letter ie
U+0436 afii10072 cyrillic small letter zhe
U+0437 afii10073 cyrillic small letter ze
U+0438 afii10074 cyrillic small letter i
U+0439 afii10075 cyrillic small letter short i
U+043a afii10076 cyrillic small letter ka
U+043b afii10077 cyrillic small letter el
U+043c afii10078 cyrillic small letter em
U+043d afii10079 cyrillic small letter en
U+043e afii10080 cyrillic small letter o
U+043f afii10081 cyrillic small letter pe
U+0440 afii10082 cyrillic small letter er
U+0441 afii10083 cyrillic small letter es
U+0442 afii10084 cyrillic small letter te
U+0443 afii10085 cyrillic small letter u
U+0444 afii10086 cyrillic small letter ef
U+0445 afii10087 cyrillic small letter ha
U+0446 afii10088 cyrillic small letter tse
U+0447 afii10089 cyrillic small letter che
U+0448 afii10090 cyrillic small letter sha
U+0449 afii10091 cyrillic small letter shcha
U+044a afii10092 cyrillic small letter hard sign
U+044b afii10093 cyrillic small letter yeru
U+044c afii10094 cyrillic small letter soft sign
U+044d afii10095 cyrillic small letter e
U+044e afii10096 cyrillic small letter yu
U+044f afii10097 cyrillic small letter ya
U+0450 uni0450 cyrillic small letter ie with grave
U+0451 afii10071 cyrillic small letter io
U+0452 afii10099 cyrillic small letter dje
U+0453 afii10100 cyrillic small letter gje
U+0454 afii10101 cyrillic small letter ukrainian ie
U+0455 afii10102 cyrillic small letter dze
U+0456 afii10103 cyrillic small letter byelorussian-ukrainian i
U+0457 afii10104 cyrillic small letter yi
U+0458 afii10105 cyrillic small letter je
U+0459 afii10106 cyrillic small letter lje
U+045a afii10107 cyrillic small letter nje
U+045b afii10108 cyrillic small letter tshe
U+045c afii10109 cyrillic small letter kje
U+045D uni045D cyrillic small letter i with grave
U+045e afii10110 cyrillic small letter short u
U+045f afii10193 cyrillic small letter dzhe
U+0490 afii10050 cyrillic capital letter ghe with upturn
U+0491 afii10098 cyrillic small letter ghe with upturn
U+1e80 Wgrave latin capital letter w with grave
U+1e81 wgrave latin small letter w with grave
U+1e82 Wacute latin capital letter w with acute
U+1e83 wacute latin small letter w with acute
U+1e84 Wdieresis latin capital letter w with diaeresis
U+1e85 wdieresis latin small letter w with diaeresis
U+1ef2 Ygrave latin capital letter y with grave
U+1ef3 ygrave latin small letter y with grave

* This glyph name is also used for another Unicode value listed in this document. If a separate design for this glyph is desired, it may be given a uni<CODE> glyph name, where <CODE> is a 4-digit uppercase hexadecimal number that indicates the Unicode value.

For example, if different designs are desired for MICRO SIGN (U+00B5) and GREEK SMALL LETTER MU (U+03BC), then glyph “mu” should be designed as MICRO SIGN and glyph “uni03BC” should be designed as GREEK SMALL LETTER MU.

Refer to the Adobe Glyph List Specification for more details.