U-SQL Table-valued Functions


U-SQL provides the ability to wrap a sequence of query statements into a function that returns the resulting rowset and parameterize it. U-SQL table-valued functions are stored in the metadata catalog and can be shared with other users.

Table-Valued Function DDL Statements

The following statements manage the functions:


TV_Function_DDL_Statement :=                                                                             
|    Drop_TV_Function_Statement

Please follow the links for more details on using table-valued functions.

A U-SQL table-valued function can be invoked and used like any other primary query expression, including being assigned to a rowset variable or used in a SELECT FROM clause.

They always will be inlined in the invoking expression context but encapsulate their own lexical and runtime context such as their own local default schema and database context, their own local variables etc.

A function with a single resulting rowset, defined by a single query expression and no parameters is equivalent to a view.

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