usql.objects (U-SQL)


Contains a row for certain schema-scoped objects that are created within a database. Currently usql.objects only includes tables, views, table-valued functions and table types. Other objects such as procedures and packages will be added in the future.

Column name Data type Description
object_id_guid Guid Object's unique identifier
name string Object's name (in simple, non-qualified form)
schema_id_guid Guid Identifier of the schema that contains the object
type string Object type:

TF = table-valued function

TT = table type

U = user table

V = view
type_desc string Description of the object type:




create_date DateTime? Date and time of the object's creation (in UTC-0 time zone)
modify_date DateTime? Date and time of the object's last modification (in UTC-0 time zone)


The examples can be executed in Visual Studio with the Azure Data Lake Tools plug-in.

Query the usql.objects view

USE TestReferenceDB;

OUTPUT usql.objects
TO "/ReferenceGuide/CatalogViews/objects.txt"
USING Outputters.Tsv(outputHeader:true); 

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