Windows.​Application​Model.​Chat Windows.​Application​Model.​Chat Windows.​Application​Model.​Chat Namespace

This namespace allows apps to implement messaging through SMS, MMS, and RCS protocols on devices that support it.


ChatCapabilities ChatCapabilities ChatCapabilities

Represents the Rich Communication Services (RCS) chat capabilities of a phone number.

ChatCapabilitiesManager ChatCapabilitiesManager ChatCapabilitiesManager

Provides functionality for getting chat capabilities.

ChatConversation ChatConversation ChatConversation

Represents a conversation in a chat client.

ChatConversationReader ChatConversationReader ChatConversationReader

Provides functionality for reading batches of conversations from the ChatMessageStore.

ChatConversationThreadingInfo ChatConversationThreadingInfo ChatConversationThreadingInfo

Provides threading info for a ChatConversation.

ChatMessage ChatMessage ChatMessage

Represents a chat message.

ChatMessageAttachment ChatMessageAttachment ChatMessageAttachment

Represents an attachment to a chat message.

ChatMessageBlocking ChatMessageBlocking ChatMessageBlocking

Provides functionality for blocking messages.

ChatMessageChange ChatMessageChange ChatMessageChange

Represents a revision to a chat message.

ChatMessageChangedDeferral ChatMessageChangedDeferral ChatMessageChangedDeferral

Represents a deferred asynchronous change request.

ChatMessageChangedEventArgs ChatMessageChangedEventArgs ChatMessageChangedEventArgs

Represents event parameters used by the event handler that processes message change events.

ChatMessageChangeReader ChatMessageChangeReader ChatMessageChangeReader

Provides methods for reading and accepting message change revisions.

ChatMessageChangeTracker ChatMessageChangeTracker ChatMessageChangeTracker

Provides methods to enable and retrieve message change revisions.

ChatMessageManager ChatMessageManager ChatMessageManager

Provides access to message transports and the message store. Also provides a method to display the UI to compose messages.

ChatMessageNotificationTriggerDetails ChatMessageNotificationTriggerDetails ChatMessageNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents the message notification triggered from a registered background task. A chat app can receive notifications of incoming messages or send events by setting a task trigger and task entry point.

ChatMessageReader ChatMessageReader ChatMessageReader

Provides methods for reading messages from the message store.

ChatMessageStore ChatMessageStore ChatMessageStore

Provides the methods and properties to read, manage and send messages. An application gets access to the message store using the static ChatMessageManager class.

ChatMessageStoreChangedEventArgs ChatMessageStoreChangedEventArgs ChatMessageStoreChangedEventArgs

Provides the data for the ChatMessageStoreChanged event.

ChatMessageTransport ChatMessageTransport ChatMessageTransport

Represents the identity of a transport for sending and receiving messages. Physically, a chat message transport is a SIM slot on the phone.

ChatMessageTransportConfiguration ChatMessageTransportConfiguration ChatMessageTransportConfiguration

Represents data about the chat message transport.

ChatMessageValidationResult ChatMessageValidationResult ChatMessageValidationResult

Provides results for validation of chat messages.

ChatQueryOptions ChatQueryOptions ChatQueryOptions

Represents the criteria for finding chat messages.

ChatRecipientDeliveryInfo ChatRecipientDeliveryInfo ChatRecipientDeliveryInfo

Represent the delivery info about a chat recipient.

ChatSearchReader ChatSearchReader ChatSearchReader

Provides functionality to search for chat messages in the ChatMessageStore.

ChatSyncConfiguration ChatSyncConfiguration ChatSyncConfiguration

The chat messages sync configurations.

ChatSyncManager ChatSyncManager ChatSyncManager

Manages the syncing of chat messages.

RcsEndUserMessage RcsEndUserMessage RcsEndUserMessage

Represents a Rich Communication Services (RCS) end user message.

RcsEndUserMessageAction RcsEndUserMessageAction RcsEndUserMessageAction

Represents the actions to which the user can respond.

RcsEndUserMessageAvailableEventArgs RcsEndUserMessageAvailableEventArgs RcsEndUserMessageAvailableEventArgs

Provides the data for a MessageAvailableChanged event.

RcsEndUserMessageAvailableTriggerDetails RcsEndUserMessageAvailableTriggerDetails RcsEndUserMessageAvailableTriggerDetails

Provides data to the background task about a new message.

RcsEndUserMessageManager RcsEndUserMessageManager RcsEndUserMessageManager

Provides functionality for handling message events.

RcsManager RcsManager RcsManager

Provides access to APIs for handling Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages.

RcsServiceKindSupportedChangedEventArgs RcsServiceKindSupportedChangedEventArgs RcsServiceKindSupportedChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the ServiceKindSupportedChanged event.

RcsTransport RcsTransport RcsTransport

Provides functionality for accessing the Rich Communication Services (RCS) transport.

RcsTransportConfiguration RcsTransportConfiguration RcsTransportConfiguration

Provides data about the configuration of a Rich Communication Services (RCS) transport.

RemoteParticipantComposingChangedEventArgs RemoteParticipantComposingChangedEventArgs RemoteParticipantComposingChangedEventArgs

Provides data to the RemoteParticipantComposingChanged event.


IChatItem IChatItem IChatItem

Represents a chat item.


ChatConversationThreadingKind ChatConversationThreadingKind ChatConversationThreadingKind

Specifies how a conversation is threaded.

ChatItemKind ChatItemKind ChatItemKind

Specifies the type of a chat item.

ChatMessageChangeType ChatMessageChangeType ChatMessageChangeType

Specifies the type of change made to a chat message.

ChatMessageKind ChatMessageKind ChatMessageKind

Specifies the type of chat message.

ChatMessageOperatorKind ChatMessageOperatorKind ChatMessageOperatorKind

Specifies the message operator type.

ChatMessageStatus ChatMessageStatus ChatMessageStatus

Specifies the current status of a chat message such as draft, sent, or received.

ChatMessageTransportKind ChatMessageTransportKind ChatMessageTransportKind

Specifies the type of the message transport.

ChatMessageValidationStatus ChatMessageValidationStatus ChatMessageValidationStatus

Specifies the validation state of a chat message such as valid, no recipients, or too many attachments.

ChatRestoreHistorySpan ChatRestoreHistorySpan ChatRestoreHistorySpan

Indicates the chat restore history span.

ChatStoreChangedEventKind ChatStoreChangedEventKind ChatStoreChangedEventKind

Specifies the type of change that occurred for a ChatMessageStoreChanged event.

ChatTransportErrorCodeCategory ChatTransportErrorCodeCategory ChatTransportErrorCodeCategory

Specifies the category of a transport error.

ChatTransportInterpretedErrorCode ChatTransportInterpretedErrorCode ChatTransportInterpretedErrorCode

Specifies an interpretation for the error code.

RcsServiceKind RcsServiceKind RcsServiceKind

Specifies the type of the Rich Communication Services (RCS) service.