Windows.​Application​Model.​Core Windows.​Application​Model.​Core Windows.​Application​Model.​Core Windows.​Application​Model.​Core Namespace

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Prerelease APIs are identified by a Prerelease label.

[This namespace contains one or more prerelease APIs.]
Provides key application-level functionality for apps.


AppListEntry AppListEntry AppListEntry AppListEntry

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Provides an app's display info such as its display name and description, and a method to launch the app.

CoreApplication CoreApplication CoreApplication CoreApplication

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Enables apps to handle state changes, manage windows, and integrate with a variety of UI frameworks.

CoreApplicationView CoreApplicationView CoreApplicationView CoreApplicationView

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Represents an app window and its thread.

CoreApplicationViewTitleBar CoreApplicationViewTitleBar CoreApplicationViewTitleBar CoreApplicationViewTitleBar

Enables an app to define a custom title bar that displays in the app's window.

HostedViewClosingEventArgs HostedViewClosingEventArgs HostedViewClosingEventArgs HostedViewClosingEventArgs

Provides a Deferral you can call when the HostedViewClosing event fires to defer the tear down of the hosted view.

UnhandledError UnhandledError UnhandledError UnhandledError

Represents the error data for a system error as reported by an UnhandledErrorDetected event.

UnhandledErrorDetectedEventArgs UnhandledErrorDetectedEventArgs UnhandledErrorDetectedEventArgs UnhandledErrorDetectedEventArgs

Provides UnhandledError event data for UnhandledErrorDetected events.


ICoreApplicationUnhandledError ICoreApplicationUnhandledError ICoreApplicationUnhandledError ICoreApplicationUnhandledError

Adds an error handling event for global error handling from the system that app models can use.

IFrameworkView IFrameworkView IFrameworkView IFrameworkView

Represents an app view provider.

IFrameworkViewSource IFrameworkViewSource IFrameworkViewSource IFrameworkViewSource

Defines a factory for view provider objects.


AppRestartFailureReason AppRestartFailureReason AppRestartFailureReason AppRestartFailureReason

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Describes the reasons why an app could fail a request to restart.