Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer Namespace

Contains classes that are used to exchange data between a source app and a target app. These classes are used in share and clipboard operations.


Gets and sets information from the clipboard object.

Contains the data that a user wants to exchange with another app.

Defines a set of properties to use with a DataPackage object.

Gets the set of properties of a DataPackageView object.

A read-only version of a DataPackage. Apps that receive shared content get this object when acquiring content.

Used by a source app's deferral delegate to notify a DataPackage object that the source app will produce data from another asynchronous function.

An object of this type is passed to the DataProviderHandler delegate.

Lets your app supply the content the user wants to share or specify a message, if an error occurs.

Enables you to exchange content with a target app asynchronously.

Contains information about the DataRequested event. The system fires this event when the user invokes the Share UI.

Programmatically initiates an exchange of content with other apps.

Responsible for formatting HTML content that you want to share or add to the Clipboard. Also allows you to get HTML fragments from the content.

Contains info about the action that a target app completed during a paste operation.

Prerelease. This class contains the event args for ShareCompleted.

Enables an app to share a file with another app by passing a token via Uri activation, app service, REST API, etc. The target app redeems the token to get the file shared by the source app.

Prerelease. This class represents a custom provider which can be shared.

Prerelease. This class represents a share provider operation.

Prerelease. The event args of ShareProvidersRequested.

Prerelease. This class contains information about a share target.

Contains static properties that return string values. Each string corresponds to a known format ID. Use this class to avoid errors in using string constants to specify data formats.

Contains information about the target app the user chose to share content with. To get this object, you must handle the TargetApplicationChosen event.


Specifies the operation to perform on the DataPackage in clipboard and drag and drop scenarios.


Provides data when the target app requests it, instead of including the data in the @Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer.DataPackage.#ctor ahead of time. DataProviderHandler is used when the source app wants to avoid unnecessary work that is resource intensive, such as performing format conversions.

Prerelease. A delegate that handles share providers.