EmailMessage EmailMessage EmailMessage EmailMessage EmailMessage Class


Represents an email message.

public : sealed class EmailMessage
struct winrt::Windows::ApplicationModel::Email::EmailMessage
public sealed class EmailMessage
Public NotInheritable Class EmailMessage
var emailMessage = new emailMessage();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)
emailSystem email


For an example of using this class, see Send email.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1511 10586 SmimeData
1511 10586 SmimeKind
1703 15063 ReplyTo
1703 15063 SentRepresenting


EmailMessage() EmailMessage() EmailMessage() EmailMessage() EmailMessage()

Creates an instance of the EmailMessage class.


AllowInternetImages AllowInternetImages AllowInternetImages AllowInternetImages AllowInternetImages

Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating whether images may be embedded in the html encoded email message.

Attachments Attachments Attachments Attachments Attachments

Gets the attachments of the email message.

Bcc Bcc Bcc Bcc Bcc

Gets the recipients BCC'd to the email message.

Body Body Body Body Body

Gets or sets the body of the email message.


Gets the recipients CC'd to the email message.

ChangeNumber ChangeNumber ChangeNumber ChangeNumber ChangeNumber

Gets the current change number which is incremented for each change made to an email message.

ConversationId ConversationId ConversationId ConversationId ConversationId

Gets the identifier for a conversation.

DownloadState DownloadState DownloadState DownloadState DownloadState

Gets or sets the download status of an email message.

EstimatedDownloadSizeInBytes EstimatedDownloadSizeInBytes EstimatedDownloadSizeInBytes EstimatedDownloadSizeInBytes EstimatedDownloadSizeInBytes

Gets or sets the estimated size, in bytes, of an email message download.

FlagState FlagState FlagState FlagState FlagState

Represents the flag status of an email message.

FolderId FolderId FolderId FolderId FolderId

Gets the identifier of a folder in the inbox.

HasPartialBodies HasPartialBodies HasPartialBodies HasPartialBodies HasPartialBodies

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether this email message contains partial bodies.

Id Id Id Id Id

Gets the identifier of an email message.

Importance Importance Importance Importance Importance

Gets the importance of an email message.

InResponseToMessageId InResponseToMessageId InResponseToMessageId InResponseToMessageId InResponseToMessageId

Gets the identifier for the email message to which this message is a response.

IrmInfo IrmInfo IrmInfo IrmInfo IrmInfo

Gets or sets the Information Rights Management (IRM) information for this email message.

IsDraftMessage IsDraftMessage IsDraftMessage IsDraftMessage IsDraftMessage

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether this message is a draft.

IsRead IsRead IsRead IsRead IsRead

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the email message has been read.

IsSeen IsSeen IsSeen IsSeen IsSeen

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the email message has been seen.

IsServerSearchMessage IsServerSearchMessage IsServerSearchMessage IsServerSearchMessage IsServerSearchMessage

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the email message is a temporary server search message.

IsSmartSendable IsSmartSendable IsSmartSendable IsSmartSendable IsSmartSendable

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the response email message is allowed to attempt a smart send, only sending that portion of the email message that has changed.

LastResponseKind LastResponseKind LastResponseKind LastResponseKind LastResponseKind

Gets the last kind of response sent in reference to this email message.

MailboxId MailboxId MailboxId MailboxId MailboxId

Gets the identifier of the mailbox.

MeetingInfo MeetingInfo MeetingInfo MeetingInfo MeetingInfo

Gets the information associated with this meeting.

MessageClass MessageClass MessageClass MessageClass MessageClass

Gets or sets a string that indicates the class of the message.

NormalizedSubject NormalizedSubject NormalizedSubject NormalizedSubject NormalizedSubject

Gets the subject line of an email message stripped of additional prefixes such as fwd: and re:

OriginalCodePage OriginalCodePage OriginalCodePage OriginalCodePage OriginalCodePage

Gets or sets the integer that identifies the original flavor of the character set used so that when the email message is condensed from wide character format (16-bit) to ASCII or other 8-bit encoding, in cases of later encoding questions, this integer can be used to recreate the original character set.

Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

Gets or sets the short preview string that represents the longer email message in the list view of emails.

RemoteId RemoteId RemoteId RemoteId RemoteId

Gets or sets the identifier that can be used by a service provider to access the email message on the client machine.

ReplyTo ReplyTo ReplyTo ReplyTo ReplyTo

Gets the recipients that are configured to receive a reply to the email message.

Sender Sender Sender Sender Sender

Gets or sets the mailbox from which the email message was sent.

SentRepresenting SentRepresenting SentRepresenting SentRepresenting SentRepresenting

Gets or sets an object that identifies the name and address of the person sending the message.

SentTime SentTime SentTime SentTime SentTime

Gets or sets the time an email was sent.

SmimeData SmimeData SmimeData SmimeData SmimeData

Gets or sets the S/MIME data associated with an email message. For more information, see the Certificate class.

SmimeKind SmimeKind SmimeKind SmimeKind SmimeKind

Gets or sets the type of S/MIME encryption/signature for the email message.

Subject Subject Subject Subject Subject

Gets or sets the subject of the email message.

To To To To To

Gets the direct recipients of the email message.


GetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind) GetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind) GetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind) GetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind) GetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind)

Gets the requested email stream such as plain text or HTML.

SetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind, IRandomAccessStreamReference) SetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind, IRandomAccessStreamReference) SetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind, IRandomAccessStreamReference) SetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind, IRandomAccessStreamReference) SetBodyStream(EmailMessageBodyKind, IRandomAccessStreamReference)

Sets the value of the specified body stream in an email message.