PackageStatus PackageStatus PackageStatus PackageStatus PackageStatus Class


Provides the status of the package.

public : sealed class PackageStatus
struct winrt::Windows::ApplicationModel::PackageStatus
public sealed class PackageStatus
Public NotInheritable Class PackageStatus
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Use the Package.Status property to get the PackageStatus. The Package.Status and all of the properties of the PackageStatus class are read-only, so you cannot change their values. To get updated information about the status of the package, access the Package.Status property again to get a new instance of the PackageStatus class.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1703 15063 IsPartiallyStaged


DataOffline DataOffline DataOffline DataOffline DataOffline

Indicates whether the data for the package is offline.

DependencyIssue DependencyIssue DependencyIssue DependencyIssue DependencyIssue

Indicates whether this package depends on a package that can't be used.

DeploymentInProgress DeploymentInProgress DeploymentInProgress DeploymentInProgress DeploymentInProgress

Indicates whether the package is being serviced.

Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled

Indicates whether the package has been disabled.

IsPartiallyStaged IsPartiallyStaged IsPartiallyStaged IsPartiallyStaged IsPartiallyStaged

Indicates whether the package is partially staged.

LicenseIssue LicenseIssue LicenseIssue LicenseIssue LicenseIssue

Indicates whether there is a problem with the license for this package.

Modified Modified Modified Modified Modified

Indicates whether the package is missing files, system information, etc.

NeedsRemediation NeedsRemediation NeedsRemediation NeedsRemediation NeedsRemediation

Indicates whether the package is unusable.

NotAvailable NotAvailable NotAvailable NotAvailable NotAvailable

Indicates whether the package is available.

PackageOffline PackageOffline PackageOffline PackageOffline PackageOffline

Indicates whether the package is offline and cannot be used.

Servicing Servicing Servicing Servicing Servicing

Indicates whether the package is being serviced.

Tampered Tampered Tampered Tampered Tampered

Indicates whether the package may have been tampered with.


VerifyIsOK() VerifyIsOK() VerifyIsOK() VerifyIsOK() VerifyIsOK()

Indicates whether the package is in good condition and may be used.