Windows.ApplicationModel.VoiceCommands Windows.ApplicationModel.VoiceCommands Windows.ApplicationModel.VoiceCommands Windows.ApplicationModel.VoiceCommands Windows.ApplicationModel.VoiceCommands Namespace

Provides support for handling voice commands in Cortana, entered by speech or text, to access features and functionality from a background app. When an app handles a voice command in the background it can display feedback on the Cortana canvas and communicate with the user using the Cortana voice.

A Voice Command Definition (VCD) file must be registered by the app to enable voice command access to its functionality. See Launch a background app with voice commands in Cortana for more info on creating and registering a Voice Command Definition (VCD) file for your app.


A voice command is a single utterance, defined in a Voice Command Definition (VCD) file, directed at an installed app through Cortana. The app can be launched in the foreground or background, depending on the level and complexity of the interaction. For instance, voice commands that require additional context or user input are best handled in the foreground, while basic commands can be handled in the background.


VoiceCommand VoiceCommand VoiceCommand VoiceCommand VoiceCommand

The command given to Cortana, using either speech or text, and routed to a background app.

The command must be declared in a Voice Command Definition (VCD) file registered by the app referred to in the command. See Launch a background app with voice commands in Cortana for more info on creating and registering a Voice Command Definition (VCD) file for your app.

VoiceCommandCompletedEventArgs VoiceCommandCompletedEventArgs VoiceCommandCompletedEventArgs VoiceCommandCompletedEventArgs VoiceCommandCompletedEventArgs

Contains event data for the VoiceCommandCompleted event.

VoiceCommandConfirmationResult VoiceCommandConfirmationResult VoiceCommandConfirmationResult VoiceCommandConfirmationResult VoiceCommandConfirmationResult

The response to the question specified by the background app and shown on the Cortana confirmation screen. This screen is displayed when the background app service calls RequestConfirmationAsync.

VoiceCommandContentTile VoiceCommandContentTile VoiceCommandContentTile VoiceCommandContentTile VoiceCommandContentTile

An asset, containing image, text, and link data, provided by the background app service for display on the Cortana canvas.

VoiceCommandDefinition VoiceCommandDefinition VoiceCommandDefinition VoiceCommandDefinition VoiceCommandDefinition

Enables operations on a specific installed command set.

VoiceCommandDefinitionManager VoiceCommandDefinitionManager VoiceCommandDefinitionManager VoiceCommandDefinitionManager VoiceCommandDefinitionManager

A static class that enables registering and using command sets from a Voice Command Data (VCD) file.

VoiceCommandDisambiguationResult VoiceCommandDisambiguationResult VoiceCommandDisambiguationResult VoiceCommandDisambiguationResult VoiceCommandDisambiguationResult

The result obtained from the disambiguation screen displayed on the Cortana canvas.

Calling RequestDisambiguationAsync from the background app service causes Cortana to display the disambiguation screen.

VoiceCommandResponse VoiceCommandResponse VoiceCommandResponse VoiceCommandResponse VoiceCommandResponse

The response from a background app service for progress, confirmation, disambiguation, completion, or failure screens displayed on the Cortana canvas.

VoiceCommandServiceConnection VoiceCommandServiceConnection VoiceCommandServiceConnection VoiceCommandServiceConnection VoiceCommandServiceConnection

The background app service connection to Cortana.

Used to retrieve the voice command from Cortana and present messages that are spoken by Cortana and shown on the Cortana canvas.

VoiceCommandUserMessage VoiceCommandUserMessage VoiceCommandUserMessage VoiceCommandUserMessage VoiceCommandUserMessage

The message that is spoken by Cortana and shown on the Cortana canvas.

This message should be:


VoiceCommandCompletionReason VoiceCommandCompletionReason VoiceCommandCompletionReason VoiceCommandCompletionReason VoiceCommandCompletionReason

Specifies the possible reasons the voice command completed.

VoiceCommandContentTileType VoiceCommandContentTileType VoiceCommandContentTileType VoiceCommandContentTileType VoiceCommandContentTileType

The layout template used for content tiles on the Cortana canvas.

Specify the template with the ContentTileType property.


All content tiles on a Cortana feedback screen must use the same template.

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