Windows.ApplicationModel.Wallet Windows.ApplicationModel.Wallet Windows.ApplicationModel.Wallet Windows.ApplicationModel.Wallet Windows.ApplicationModel.Wallet Namespace

Provides types for interacting with the Wallet feature of Windows Phone from a Windows Runtime app.


WalletBarcode WalletBarcode WalletBarcode WalletBarcode WalletBarcode

Represents a bar code assigned to a wallet item.

WalletItem WalletItem WalletItem WalletItem WalletItem

Represents an item (data) that is stored in the wallet.

WalletItemCustomProperty WalletItemCustomProperty WalletItemCustomProperty WalletItemCustomProperty WalletItemCustomProperty

Defines a custom property on a wallet item. Apps can show data in the details view or back of card view of the item.

WalletItemStore WalletItemStore WalletItemStore WalletItemStore WalletItemStore

Defines a set of asynchronous actions and operations that manage the wallet items in the wallet database. These can be used to read the existing items, or to add and remove items.

WalletManager WalletManager WalletManager WalletManager WalletManager

Provides a static method to get an instance of the default wallet store for this app.

WalletRelevantLocation WalletRelevantLocation WalletRelevantLocation WalletRelevantLocation WalletRelevantLocation

Represents relevant location data for a wallet item. A WalletRelevantLocation object represents the individual items for the WalletItem.RelevantLocations property.

WalletTransaction WalletTransaction WalletTransaction WalletTransaction WalletTransaction

Represents a single wallet transaction in the transaction history.

WalletVerb WalletVerb WalletVerb WalletVerb WalletVerb

Represents a wallet verb, which is potentially used for app activation. This is a string suitable for UI that is descriptive of the action.


WalletActionKind WalletActionKind WalletActionKind WalletActionKind WalletActionKind

Represents the action that was taken on the item that caused your app to launch.

WalletBarcodeSymbology WalletBarcodeSymbology WalletBarcodeSymbology WalletBarcodeSymbology WalletBarcodeSymbology

Represents the barcode symbology types that are supported for a WalletItem.

WalletDetailViewPosition WalletDetailViewPosition WalletDetailViewPosition WalletDetailViewPosition WalletDetailViewPosition

Describes the position in the detail view of a wallet item that a WalletItemCustomProperty record should be displayed at.

WalletItemKind WalletItemKind WalletItemKind WalletItemKind WalletItemKind

Represents the kinds (classifications) of wallet items supported.

WalletSummaryViewPosition WalletSummaryViewPosition WalletSummaryViewPosition WalletSummaryViewPosition WalletSummaryViewPosition

Describes the position in the summary view of a wallet item that a WalletItemCustomProperty should be displayed.